I have been working in the fiber optics and telecommunication industry for 26 years, in positions from process development to product engineering, with a proven track record in problem solving, project management, and quality improvement.  Currently, I am based in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts.

 Eric Lindholm

Work Experience:

Lumentum (formerly JDSU), Bloomfield, CT, Jan. 2011 - Jan. 2017

Product Engineering Leader – Specialty Modulators

  • Responsible for product line of lithium niobate modulators used in telecommunication, cable TV, and aerospace guidance systems.
  • Responsible for all aspects of process and product engineering including bills of material, process flow diagrams, manufacturing work instructions, process troubleshooting, and customer interaction.
  • Primary contact for ITAR-related programs.
  • Characterized and optimized sputtering process to improve yield from 50% to 99% for specialty product.

OFS Specialty Photonics (formerly Lucent Specialty), Avon, CT, Oct. 1996 – Jan. 2011
Fiber Design & Development Engineer

  • Developed specialty fiber designs targeted for adverse environment applications. 
  • Designed coating applicator to significantly increase line speed of fiber draw process while improving coating control and quality. Patent granted on coating applicator.
  • Modified carbon deposition process for hermetic optical fibers to increase carbon layer thickness required to protect fiber in geophysical and geothermal environments.
  • Developed setup for thermal ovens to better control coating curing process. Configuration allowed for silicone-coated fiber draw speed to quadruple (+) while improving coating adhesion quality. Polyimide-coated fiber draw speed also increased 40% with setup.
  • Adopted role as OFS chief reliability engineer for Avon facility; duties include lifetime estimation, root cause analysis and FMEA review. Lead investigator on NASA project.
  • Reviewed incoming customer requests for technical feasibility, determined development cost, and set costing for customer RFQs.

Lucent Communication Fiber Technologies, Sturbridge, MA, June 1991-Oct. 1996
Fiber Draw Process Engineer

  • Led development team to increase fiber draw speed 67%; project completed on-time and under budget. Smooth transition to manufacturing floor with no compromise to fiber quality.
  • Developed innovative gas seal design to eliminate size upsets caused by preform transition into draw furnace, reducing additional processing and increasing yields by 4% after implementation.
  • Optimized cladding measurement procedure to improve size control from 3-sigma to  6-sigma control. Later worked on implementing new equipment to further improve control.


Western New England University, Springfield, MA. Graduated January 2010.
Master of Science, Engineering Management with concentration in Quality Management.

Western New England University, Springfield, MA. Quality Green Belt Certification, February 2008.

Rutgers College of Engineering, Piscataway, NJ. Graduated May 1991.
Bachelor of Science, Materials Engineering.

Rutgers College, New Brunswick, NJ. Graduated May 1991.
Bachelor of Arts, English.


“High Performance Optical Fiber for Harsh Environments,” Fiberoptic Product News, August 1999.
Presentations: “Low Speed Carbon Deposition Process for Hermetic Optical Fibers,” International Wire and Cable Symposium proceedings, 1999.
“Advances in Design and Development of Optical Fibers for Harsh Environments,” International Wire and Cable Symposium proceedings, 1999.
“Zero-Stress Aging Behavior of Optical Fibers with Various Protective Coatings,” National Fiber Optic Engineering Conference proceedings, 2003.
“Aging Behavior of Optical Fibers in Aqueous Environments,” SPIE conference on Reliability of Optical Fiber Components, Devices, Systems and Networks II, Photonics Europe symposium, April 2004.
“Strength and Reliability of Silica Optical Fibers for Automotive Communication Networks,” SPIE workshop on Photonics in the Automobile, November 2004.
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“Reliability of Optical Fibers in a Cryogenic Environment,” SPIE conference on Fiber Optic Sensors and Applications VI, Defense, Security & Sensing symposium, April 2009.
“Evolution of Aerospace Fiber Optic Cable,” Avionics, Fiber-Optics Technology conference, September 2009.
“Optical Fibers with Dual Coatings for High-Temperature Applications,” Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers, October 2010.


Co-author of chapter on hermetic carbon-coated fibers for “Specialty Optical Fibers Handbook” published by Academic Press, January 2007.

Invited Presentations

  • National Science Foundation symposium on Advanced Thermal Technology, Boston, November 2008.  Presentation title: "Hermetic carbon fibers: Methods and Applications."
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers workshop on Distributed Temperature Sensing, Austin, August 2009. Presentation title: "Advancements in High-Temperature Optical Fiber Mechanical Reliability and Hydrogen Performance."
  • Avionics, Fiber-Optics and Photonics Technology Conference (AVFOP), San Antonio, September 2009.  Presentation title: "Evolution of Aerospace Fiber Optic Cable."


Inventor of U.S. patent #6,958,096: “Systems and methods for coating optical fiber,” granted October 2005.